The Wolves of Willow Bend By Heather Long

This is one of the series that I unexpectedly found myself joining in the middle. I received #4 as an ARC book and once I started it, I found myself hooked. The main series runs for 12 books but there are 6 novellas that intermingle with them.

The first three books, Wolf Bite (Mason & Alexis), Caged Wolf (A.J. & Viviane), and Wolf Claim (Owen & Gillian) comprised The Rise of the Alpha arc of Willow Bend. They established Mason Clayborne’s rule over Willow Bend, and the changes his return provided his pack. Wolf-at-Law is a prequel novella, which looks back at how Alexis’ parents Ryan and Tiffany met and mated.

The second arc, the Dawn of Three Rivers, began in Rogue Wolf, continued in Bayou Wolf, then completed in Untamed Wolf introduced us to the changes wrought by the founding of a sixth U.S. pack.

Wolves of Change, then the Wolves of Change  arc, returns to the Alphas we last saw in Bayou Wolf with River Wolf (Brett’s tale), Desert Wolf (Cassius’ journey), and Snow Wolf (Diesel’s hunt).

In the rich lush world of the U.S. packs, we have only just begun to scrape the surface. Novellas such as Wolf Next Door, Wolf with Benefits, Single Wicked Wolf, and Wolf on Board are bridges between the arcs. More books are coming!