Interstellar Brides by Grace Goodwin

Much to the surprise of Earth, they are not alone in the universe. There’s hundreds of species out there and not all of them are friendly! One race in particular is conquering everything that they possibly can. Unfortunately not everyone on Earth believes what they were told.

The Hive are a race of Cyborgs, (remember Star Trek?) Any warrior captured by them is assimilated with computer enhancements. The Coalition’s response to this is to isolate any such warrior that is recovered on a planet called “The Colony .” It was on a scouting run in that sector when the Hive discovered Earth 🌍

While the Coalition is not happy about the response from Earth’s leaders, they grant Earth “Provisional Membership” status. In exchange for soldiers and Brides, the Coalition will protect Earth. What they refuse to do is to share the the technology they possess.

Interstellar Bride Program

Interstellar Bride Program: The Colony

Interstellar Bride Program: The Virgins

Interstellar Bride Program: Ascension Saga