To be honest, book review blogs abound on the internet. So what could I do to make mine different?

I started thinking about it the other night and then it hit me. I have always been a huge fan of book series. Whether it was the obvious one, (The Black Stallion by Walter Farley) or a not so obvious (Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard) I love to read book series. Of course, after starting to read The Lord of the Rings with book 2, I try my best to always start at the beginning!

My plans are to create a page for each of the series that I review. This will allow me to link the posts for the individual books to the series page. Now I will warn you, some of these series are quite large!! (Think Dragon Guard or Paranormal Dating Agency!! )

I do have to warn you, my taste in reading material can vary quite widely. 😜 Although, in looking at my library, my tastes tend to run to Paranormal of Sci-Fi Romances. So folks, I sincerely hope you find something you like here!

BTW, did you figure out the two series I mentioned earlier? All of the first series has “Black Stallion” in the title. In the second series, a character from one book shows up in the next.